View webhook details

Is there any way to view the details of a webhook after it’s been set up, i.e. the sheet or board name it’s watching, watch activities, etc?

I don’t think there is an easier way to do this. The way I do it is Go to Webhooks > From there go to scenario and then open up the webhook module/app and then edit it to see the settings being used.


Heya @CheriePie thanks a bunch for bringing this question to the community! :wave:

@Runcorn is absolutely right in mentioning that this isn’t currently available. The option to edit (view setup details) is limited to your custom webhook modules in the list of webhooks.

If you believe this feature would be helpful, please feel 100% free to log your suggestion into our :arrow_right: Idea Exchange. This way, you can see how many users are interested in it and track its progress.

I might be stating the absolute obvious here but it’s generally a good practice to give your webhooks names that are as descriptive as possible. It will make it easier for you to remember their purpose and to refer to them.

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Yeah for the Trello webhooks (Make-defined ones), I am unable to see which activity I have checked to watch as well as which list. (And I didn’t save all that info in the description.) Was hoping I could easily just copy over all the same activities and lists, but it appears that’s not possible with the built-in ones.

Thanks anyway friends! :slight_smile:

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