Looking for a Make expert to help with converting a Stripe bundle to an array for Quickbooks deposit

I’m looking for someone who is very fluent in working with arrays and bundles in Make. I have a lot of great automations, but this one has me stumped! I have the basic structure of these automations built but am having trouble converting the Stripe data into the format needed for a Deposit to Quickbooks module.

Will pay by the hour.

Hi @calebsg

I would love to get my hands on the problem. Feel free to schedule a session where we work on your scenario together: Schedule your Hands-On Make Support Session
You don’t pay if I’m unable to help.

I will gladly help you to create a script. Write to me on e-mail or here in private messages and we will agree in correspondence. k.shevchenko@gmail.com

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Thank you both for replying. I contacted @Loopz shortly after he responded and he has been super helpful! 100% would recommend him for anyone who needs help on the more technical parts of Make!