Hiring a Make expert - Dynamic Fields to Duplicate Blueprints (import & export)

Hey guys, looking to hire a Make expert to make my Integromat (I will keep it on the old name, call me a boomer) flow dynamic.

I have like 5 flows, need to connect them all to a new Airtable, and when I export and import the blueprint I need to reset some fields.

Probably need to work with a set variable field(?)

This is kinda urgent so let me know!

Hi @Koen903, can you send us details of your needs (+ screens or loom video) at projet@neodelta.eu, please?

We should be able to help you :slightly_smiling_face:


Open to cooperation. I can help in customizing the script. Write to me in a private message here or e-mail me at k.shevchenko@gmail.com.

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