Looking to hire a Make expert to coach me, hourly pay

Hi everyone,

I am very new to make, and am working for a company that is starting to build out a merch store using printful, shopify, airtable, etc.

I am looking to hire someone to work with me on an hourly rate basis, to help me understand what can be automated efficiently, and how best to approach it.

If you are interested, please send me a message. Note that I would like to hop on a call to discuss in more detail and get your input on what is possible.


Hello ChipGeo, Yes we can help for this project and build the scenario your exiting store to integrate printful shopify and airtable etc


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Connect Airtable and Shopify with any of your favorite apps in just a few click. Design, build, and automate anything for your work by integrating apps like Airtable and Shopify to create visual automated workflows By connecting your Shopify store to Printful also, here’s just some of what you’ll get: No upfront costs – you won’t have to worry about investing in costly inventory. Automatic order fulfillment – you never have to process an order manually again. Customized branding – we make it look like you sent it out. In case of any question or concerns so feel free to touch with us

Hi Ciprian,

I would be interested in discussing opportunities for automation in your merch store using Printful, Shopify, and Airtable etc etc. With my experience in automation and integration, I would be able to help you determine the most efficient approaches to streamlining your processes.

I’d be happy to schedule a call to discuss your specific needs and goals in more detail. Please let me know a convenient time, and I’ll make sure to schedule it.

You can reach out to me on my email here


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Wecome to the make community
I would like to request you a to explain how we help you automate your business processes

In case of any question and concerns so feel free to contact us,