Looking for a pro to hire on urgent small project

Hi there! I’m starting a new business and have to get a form working asap.
I have a custom form built on Carrd.com and I’d like it to go to my Mailerlite.com account. However Carrd requires a webhook from Make to do this and capture all the info from the custom form.

I’ve never used Make before or worked with integrations. It would save me a lot of time and sanity, to have a pro help me get this set up quickly.

Appreciate your help :raised_hands:

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Hey @Carol_H

I’d be happen to jump on a call and do some initial setup with you. We can work on the steps together and I can do any follow ups needed after the call.

Here is my calendar link: Calendly - Tim Little

We can discuss pricing at the front end of the call and make sure it works for you!

I look forward to connecting!


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Hi Tim!
I truly appreciate your kind and speedy reply!
I just booked with you for tomorrow - thank you!

Looking forward to it!

Hi @Carol_H,
If you still have a need, we can discuss it :slightly_smiling_face: : https://neod.lt/gp-visio-appel