Looking to connect Raindrop.io bookmarks into Google Doc with clickable links

Background: I do a daily newsletter. For years, I was using Pinboard for my bookmarking service. It was simple, but had downtime issues and a developer who never returned emails or responded to inquires - they spend most of their time with their social account tweeting about international politics. Anyway. Pinboard kept breaking with my other integrations (sharing links to FB, Discord, etc.)

I used to simply take the view of the pinboard links and copy and paste it into Notes, so it would keep the formatting of the linked title, then zap some of the extraneous stuff with a simple search and replace.

Moving to Raindrop, which as a lot better functionality with sharing to the other platforms, I copy and paste and I get titles at the bottom that aren’t linked to the headline and generally not the format I want.

So I figured I’d use Make.

Idea is to create a scenario that will pull my bookmarks (usually at the end of the night, when I construct the newsletter) from Raindrop, using the Title, URL and Description fields, and generating a google doc for that day. I run into a couple of issues. Scenario breaks when I try to append to an existing doc (I’m following a tutorial done by MRC with some mods based on what I’m using) https://youtu.be/KeOi-91DaRc?si=O2d96t2WxrEZnusN&t=272

A couple things happen. I can’t get this to work at all now. (Scenario)

But when I did, I still had the issue that I can’t create links in the google doc.
I have this:

But I want this
Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 10.08.05 AM

A lot of this is over my head, but I can follow instructions. I’m just a one-man shop who is more on the sports reporting side of things than the dev and tech side. I know enough to get things done, but am just lost when trying to troubleshoot and my searches trying to integrate this come up with either terms that are too broad OR the Raindrop SEO is too good that any search for Raindrop and Newsletter integrations turn into links to other people’s Raindrop pages.

Just trying to create a workflow that has me more functional with the time and not reinventing my wheel. I dont want to go back to pinboard and having two services that do the same thing since IFTTT breaks with Pinboard almost daily.

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Hello @Jason_Bryant

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To create a link in the Google docs you need to have the HTML tags.
The document should start with

The document with all the links.