Lost on converting an array

Hi Makers,

From Airtable I have three arrays coming in from a record after we get an order:

Product codes

1 rrrKMWA98tW1LfrmI
2 rrrMoSivVcUuouoRi
3 rrrmY9u64gegRwhmv

1 340977752699044980
2 349879640324572652
3 349224066495809139

1 Classic
2 Achterkant
3 Machine

I have tried everything using the JSON modules to convert this so I can add it as a collection to my quotes. Please note that sometimes only 1 item comes in, and sometimes 5.

In order for this to be variable, I need to be in the format:

Array [

1, productcode: ‘value’, productid; value, productname, value.
2. etc…

What is a correct way to convert this?


I have managed to iterate the data and use the 'GET and 'Iteration Bundles amount to make more operations and combine the appropriate bundles.

If someone could give a hint on how to move further in the make scenario and combine them back, if possible, that would be nice, because now it uses every bundle to create 3 quotes with 1 line instead of combining the 3 lines in one quote . :slight_smile:

Can you share what your results should look like? Mainly on JSON that you want to create looks like?