Mailchimp Transactional Email > Make an API call by using connection API Key


On the “Mailchimp Transactional Email” app we can create a connection to set the API Key which is used in all API calls. However the structure of the Mailchimp Transactional Email APIs use this key in the body of the API Call. We want to use the action “Make an API call” because some API endpoints like “send an email with a template aka send-template” is not available. By consequence we would like to use the connection API Key in the body of th API Call to net set in clear value inside the JSON payload. Do you know if it’s possible to do that ? We tried to use stuff like {{connection.apiKey}} without success.

No you can not @Ced . Either you can create your own custom app, or you use the HTTP connector (easiest) and setup the authentication yourself.