"Make an API call" doesn't work as expected on Make

Hi all,

I am running into issues understanding how I should use “Make an API call”.

As an example, I am going to share an API call that I am trying to make to update a contact in SurveySparrow. (see screenshot attached)

Also, this is the link to their API documentation for “Update Contact”: SurveySparrow APIs | Connect and REST assured

In my eyes, I am following the steps correctly, however, I still get the “The operation failed with an error. [400] Invalid request payload JSON format” error.

Can anyone tell me where am I making a mistake with this?

Looks like you are missing a forward slash / at the start of your URL.

Read the description below for an example.


@Mehran_Zafar nice to meet you.

You don’t have the slash before v3.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


Unfortunately, when I add the slash the issue doesn’t go away.

So I am guessing this is not what causes the error.

You cannot use the field “Query String” for this.

You need to send your data in the BODY field, as “application/json”.


  full_name: "Jane Doe",
  email: "janedoe@surveysparrow.com",
  phone: "91234567833",
  mobile: "1653452783",
  job_title: "Manager"

Click on the “Try” button for an example:


Before writing the post I also tried with the body.

It returns an error either way.

This is frustrating. Because if I try to get the same user with API everything works fine. But when trying to update I can’t seem to make it work.

Ah, in JSON, the KEYS also need to be double-quoted.

  "full_name": "Jane Doe",
  "email": "janedoe@surveysparrow.com",
  "phone": "91234567833",
  "mobile": "1653452783",
  "job_title": "Manager"

You can check the validity of JSON by using this website https://jsonformatter.org, if it doesn’t format, it’s invalid.


OMG, it worked!

Thank you so much!!!