Make an API call for Flowlu

hi everyone. this is my first post and i’m newbie for Make and Flowlu.

I just tried Flowlu module to create new contact using Create an Account. What i found there no email field. After i checked Flowlu documentation, the email usage is deprecated. So to make i can store email data, i need to using Make an API Call.

I just follow the documents and try myself. Now i’m not sure where my mistake because the email still can not save to contact.

email deprecated

documentation to create email

my Make an API Call

status after RUN scenario

What should i do to save email data to my contact?

thanks in advance

Hi @zulhisham

I noticed that the Documentation requires the contents to be placed within the Body schema. However, in the Make an API Call, you’ve included them in the Query section.

To proceed successfully, please review and attempt the request again, this time by including the necessary information in the Body section as per the Documentation guidelines.

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thanks for your reply,

which format should put in Body section. Can you show me exampla to put in Body section for fields email, type and account_id

Thank a lot

thanks for your reply.

i already change query string to Body section and put my data like below


Now email can link to contact in Flowlu.

Thank a lot for your help and guides.

Great to hear this. Feel free to reach out to us any time.

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