Make DevTool on Chrome OS

Hey folks

I’m trying to open the Make DevTool (Chrome Extension) on my ChromeOS PC.

The extension is installed, but I cannot get it to launch Ctl Shift I just opens Google Inspect.

Am I missing something?


Hi Mark,

it should be one of the tabs in your chrome tools. Also make sure, you open the chrome tools at the bottom side of the window. It won’t work if the window is at the side or as extra window.



Welcome to the Make community!

The Chrome Make Devtool only runs in landscape mode.

To switch to it, click the three dots on the top-right, and select the third option:



Ok, cool :sunglasses:, thanks, gentleman; those 2 replies have worked :+1:

Thanks again

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Hey there @Mark_Godfrey :wave:

Glad to hear that these tips worked for you!

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Thanks a lot! :sunflower:

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No problem, glad I could help!

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