Make doesn’t recognize Notion guest accounts

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My team has been setting up some automations to create Notion tasks based on the existence of folders in specific Dropbox locations, and so far it’s working great! If it detects a folder within a directory named “Not Started”, it checks for a task of that same name and status in our Notion, and if not, creates one. We have additional routes for folders that move to “In Progress” and “Complete”.

Unfortunately, it only works part of the way.

We have a handful of full-time employees and a lot of talented contractors. For cost reasons, these contractors only need to be guest accounts in our Notion project - enough to assign tasks to them for sorting purposes.

The automations for our full-timers works perfectly. But I just tried to create a new automation for one of our contractors and they don’t appear in the Assignee list that Make is fetching.

Is this a known issue? It’s really important for us to be able to track our contractor tasks by name. If not, we may not be able to utilize Make in the way we want and would probably need to look elsewhere. :disappointed:

Hoping it’s just something I’m missing!

According to the Notion documentation for User:

The User object represents a user in a Notion workspace. Users include full workspace members, guests, and integrations. You can find more information about members and guests in this guide.

Therefore the endpoint List all users should also return all guests of the workspace. If the Notion module does not do that, you can try using the generic Make an API call module to call this endpoint.


Thanks for your reply, Sam.

The List Users endpoint unfortunately does not return Notion guest accounts. Is this a bug on Notion’s end or Make’s?

Upon digging deeper, it looks like it may have something to do with Notion’s SCIM API? The information page for that specifically calls out that managing guests is not a capability of that API.

Yes indeed - the “list users” endpoint doesn’t return guests (you can read it here too: “Guests are not included in the response”)

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