Make sends email about Errors

Is there a way to mark scenario run as complete when there is a scraping error. I have a RSS feed as trigger it is set to Google news feed. In google news feed some urls get stuck at scrapito because it can’t scrape them because of forbidden url or some other restriction.

When the error happens Make pauses the scenario for some minutes and the same rss url is again fed into and again error happens. Once the scenario gets stuck on the same url, make stops the scenario from running. And I have to manually go inside and restart.

Currently I have added filters to stop certain sources from going through, but google news is dynamic and new sources come in(I like new sources as it keeps the feed interesting but I have to keep adding filters to new ones as they don’t go through.). I want the scenario to mark the rss feed as complete if error happens on it and go on to process the next url in the feed.

Or if you have any other solution please share.

Ok, I figured out I had to add an error handler Ignore. Thanks


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