Make & Webflow API V2 connection is still broken :(

Hey community.

Just wanted to ask if anybody has the same problem as mine.
As y’all know, there’s no more “Live” option when updating a CMS item on Webflow.
But now we have a “Publish item” module, which is working 50/50 – what a huge problem.
Here’s the situation:

Simply put, "Publish Item’ module just do nothing and being marked as “Done”.
As you can see, module has been received an “Item ID” to publish in the input, and output is “Nothing has been published”.
Don’t worry, it’s well made inside the module, without any mistakes, since as I said it works, but just in half of situations.
In Errors I have: “InconsistentPublicationsError: Site is published to multiple domains at different times” - but it is not.
I even put a sleeper, to be sure everything is done before and it’s ready to publish - nothing happened.

So, if you had something like that lmk, I’ll be really glad to find a solution.
Have a good one!

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yeah this issue is hugely problematic. Looking for solution.