Webflow v2 is totally broken from now

Webflow v2 can’t work normally on publishing Live Items.

Problems I have from now:

  • availability to use “Update an Item” or “Create an Item” became a bit weird because there’s no more option “Live? -yes -no -emtpy” for absolutely no reason? So we need to make a new step to get it live? But:
  • Even if I have “Create an Item” and the next step “Publish an Item” - it doesn’t work at all, because it does not update Webflow items that fast.
    Okay, I tried to set some more steps after “Create an Item” but before “Publish an Item” then, but it just doesn’t want to do that (but says it did) :neutral_face: (Check screenshots).

Sadly to say all these things, since that should be an update to “v2” but not downgrade.

If someone can help with that, I’ll be really glad and thankful for that.
Thank you community!

For quicker assistance with bugs and technical problems, you may want to contact support directly. They respond very quickly and update you frequently on the status of their investigation.


Hey there :wave:

This is odd. I’ve got everything setup with the new Webflow v2 API and Make and it’s working on my end.

As you mentioned, you do have a few things happening before publishing the item.

My suggestion would be to create a test scenario and simplify.

Here’s what mine looks like, it’s a good way to test yours as well.

A simple create & publish scenario:

You can see the item successfully created:

When creating the Webflow CMS item I now get it’s item id, which I use in this step to publish the item successfully:

Here is the Webflow CMS after that scenario runs:

Try that, post screenshots and I can help!


Hi guys!
I have the same problem as @Elisei
I had a discussion about this with @ChrisDrit (I hardly recommand his newsletter and online articles https://nocodequest.com/ ) and I think I should share it here.

I have several Make scenarios that synchronize Airtable with the Webflow CMS. I replaced all the Webflow modules with the new ones. Because of the removal of the “Live” option", I had to follow up all the “Create an item” and “Update an item” modules with a “Publish a site” module. Due to the new “Publish an item” module, following a “Create an item” module or “Update an item” module, doesn’t work: the new or updated item remains in “Staging” in the webflow CMS.

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In addition with Airtable and Webflow CMS sync, since the Weblow Make modules updates, fields corresponding to “Reference fields” are displayed with the ID and no longer with the corresponding text in the CMS item list.

In the screenshot below:
GREEN : old API sync on References fields
RED : new API Sync on References fields

Hi there,

Find below the Make Support explanation about the “Live option” removal :

The reason why the newer modules of Webflow in Make no longer have the LIVE option is because of the recent changes in Webflow’s API.
Please review the v2 API docs for creating the item. As you can see, there is no “LIVE” option: https://docs.developers.webflow.com/reference/create-item

This is the reason why we need another module to publish items. It’s because in Webflow’s v2 API, publishing an item is a different endpoint: https://docs.developers.webflow.com/reference/publish-item

For those of you, like me, who can’t succeed to publish items with the new “Publish an item” module, I think I’ve found the problem. Although the “Publish an item” module has a green tick at the end of the scenario, my item was still “Staging” in the Webflow CMS. Looking at the output of the “Publish an item” module, even though it had a green tick, I found the following error: “Inconsistent publications error: site is published to multiple domains at different times”.

Looking at the publication dates in webflow, I saw that there was indeed a difference in publication date between the “Staging” site and the “Prod” site. I published both sites at the same time from Webflow, and the “Publish an item” module now works correctly.

My new question: in my other scenarios with the Make “Publish a site” modules, should I systematically publish the “staging” (Webflow subdomain) and the “prod” (Custom domain) at the same time?