Webflow "Watch events" module (v2) not working

Hi all,

since Webflow updated it’s api to version 2 I need to update my scenarios with according modules.

Unfortunately the new Webflow “Watch events” module seems to not submit data any more. I don’t get any output.

What have I done before?

  • First of all, I set up the v2-modules exactly like I did with the v1-modules, which worked fine
  • I deleted the v1 webhooks and connections in Make
  • I removed the v1 Make access in Webflow
  • I set up a v2 connection and v2 webhooks in Make, a new v2 connection in Webflow to Make was automatically created
  • I updated the scenarios with the v2 modules and updated the new v2 webhook address in Webflow (and published it)

I don’t know why it does not submit any data at all. The forms in webflow didn’t change.

Does anybody else have these issues? :thinking:


Did you try sending a test form submission through?

When you expand the Make connection in your Webflow site settings, do you see that you have granted “Forms data” to the connection?

If not, you have to delete the connection in Make and set it up again.


Hey @samliew, thanks for your reply!

  • Yes, I tried to send a test form submission through. I tried this with several forms in several scenarios. Did not work anywhere.

  • Yes, my Make connection in Webflow does have access to form data (see screenshot below).

  • Yes, I already deleted the connection in Make and set it up again. I also deleted all webhook and connection data in Make and Webflow and set it up again. Still not working.

Did you select the correct site / site ID, and select “Form Submission” Trigger Type when creating the connection?


Yes, I chose the right site id and selected “Form Submission” as trigger type.

In Webflow I put the webhook address in the action field and submit it via post. This worked perfectly in version 1 of the module (see screenshot).

That was everything I did to set up my own Webflow webhook, which is still working fine.

I have run out of ideas as what else could be the issue.

Perhaps you might want to contact Webflow support to see why the form submissions aren’t being sent.

You should also double check that the scenario is turned on, and there are no pending data in the Webhook queue (just switch the scenario toggle off and on again and it will prompt you if there is old data).


Alright, thanks for your help. I don’t have any more ideas either. What makes it a little bit better is to hear that it works fine for you. So it might not be broken at all.

I just figured out that the Webflow module (v2) really is broken, at least partially. I set up a custom webhook just like the Webflow webhook. I put the new webhook address in the action field in Webflow and voila, I submitted the form data successfully.

I contacted the Webflow support to have a look at this, maybe someone takes notice.