Watch events keeps on showing my old value


In the past I’ve made a scenario with a form Webflow > Google Sheet > Gmail.

Now I’ve made an extra fill in options on my form in Webflow: Address, City, Zipcode.

I added these in my Google Sheet in a new column (I,J,K)

I have also filled in the form on my Webflow website and it does show in the form settings.

As I tried to fill in the extra values (see attachment) I only get the old Watch event, so I’m not able to add them.

Is it possible to select an other Watch event, so I’m able to add them.

Hello, have you tried right-clicking the Webflow module, running it once, then while it’s waiting for the event, submit your form which contains the new field?

This should allow Make to learn the new configuration of your Webflow form and show you the current fields.

Hope that helps!


Hey, Thank your for responding! I have tried to do that but it keeps on loading. (see image)

It’s waiting for you to submit your form. Have you submitted it and Make just isn’t reacting?


I’ve submitted my form multiple times. Make is just not reacting.

Is it possible to check on the Webflow side if it’s calling the Webhook properly?
Perhaps a new connection needs to be created.