Update Webflow Site Without Refreshing


I am making a site that retrieves the content of a mail and updates a certain CMS collection’s item with that content. When the item gets updated, I want my site to get published in real-time without refreshing it. I had hoped that the Live option would help me with this but I can’t find it.

What do you suggest I should do?

Hi there.

As far as I know, Make has an instant trigger for the Webflow app, so you should be able to trigger your scenario instantly when there is an update.

In any case, the provided screenshot and your description don’t really provide much context, so if you had something else in mind, you would need to be more specific in terms of your issue description and scenairo context.



Hi @Milton_Bedford I think you misread the question.

The user is likely using watch emails or custom mailhook for the trigger, and wants to update the Webflow site CMS items and get it republished.

They are not asking for watching changes from Webflow.


Hi @samliew

Oh, you’re right. My bad. Thanks for pointing this out.

I am not really sure what @ann_iee means by the “Live option” I don’t see such a parameter within Make’s pre-made Webflow modules. If such an option exists in Webflow’s API documentation, I believe that the “Make an API Call” module or the HTTP module could help in this case. Do you have any other suggestions that can help?



I think Webflow removed the live option a while back, I’m not sure what the new alternative is, sorry.


Hello everyone,

Here is a solution, you can add an extra webflow module to publish that particular CMS item after updating it.