Making test into bundles

good day, please I need a little help. the format of my result is like this:
• Blue Lemon - MOB - Audit du tracking
• Blue Lemon - MOB - Gestion de projet
• Blue Lemon - MOB - Configuration GTM
• Blue Lemon - MOB - Configuration GA4
• Blue Lemon - MOB - Test et recettes
• Blue Lemon - MOB - Audit des données GA4

• MyGeoMarket - Configuration GTM
• MyGeoMarket - Configuration GA4
• MyGeoMarket - Test et recettes

in this format

I want to be able to separate them by (-) and able to map them into fields

I appreciate your help in advance

Hi @damigold

If your data is in the text format and you want to capture each new line, please follow the steps below:

  1. Split with new line in the iterator module.

  2. Split with -


If your specific requirement is to extract the last portion of the text, you can use the following formula:
{{last(split(4.value; “-”))}}

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