Managing Hyperlinks inside rich text field

Hey all,

relative newbie to make and current baptism of fire! I love it so far, but its also pushing my limits in terms of what I can do.

If someone could, help, would really appreciate it.

Basic requirements is to manage hundreds of hyperlinks inside my webflow project that are inside a rich text field.

Id like to expose the hyperlink, insert into a table (airtable) make some changes and republish back to webflow.

Ive managed to get everything done aside from the last part. I face a problem when I have more than 1 hyperlink inside a rich text field, I cant get it to write back to both fields. The screenshot attached gets me to the point where I have the data in airtable. I just cant seem to reverse the process and update the rich text fields.

Not sure the best way to share a project, here is a screenshot, any help would be great, even if its a prompt on what to try and I can research.

Hi @Chris1,

sounds interesting! Could you share the screenshot you talked about? :smiley:

Yes, sorry, I thought i did - try again
make-linkoutandin.pdf (307.7 KB)

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Heya @Chris1 welcome to the community :wave:

Sorry for stepping in but it’s easier for the community members to provide help when they see the screenshot right in the thread. That’s why I opened your pdf and am pasting in the screenshot of the scenario:

Btw when attaching images to your posts, you can simply drag them into the editor, copy-paste them or use the upload icon


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Thanks @Michaela that’s true it helps! :slight_smile:

@Chris1, sadly I am not 100% sure about the goal here. So please don’t be mad if I am asking dumb questions, but I am trying to understand and then help :slight_smile: So you have successfully changed the links inside the rich text field and moved this newly changed data into airtable, correct? :slight_smile:

Is the data in airtable no correct?
Is the publishing to webflow missing?
I feel like that’s the part what’s missing for me :smiley:

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