Mapping bundles to specific fields in ONE record (or, switching a spreadsheet's X/Y axis)

Hey all! I think this is a simple question, but it’s stumping the heck out of me. I have a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is uploaded as a CSV attachment to Airtable, one CSV per record. Then I use Make’s handy-dandy Get a File and CSV Parser modules to parse through the content of that file. Simple so far!

My question is: right now, the data in the CSV file has two columns (a key column and a value column) and 20-ish rows. I’d like to be able to map the contents of those 20-ish rows to a single associated Airtable record. The issue is that in CSV format, all of the content exists in rows, while in Airtable, the content is stored in columns instead. In other words, the CSV hosts info along a Y-axis, while an Airtable record obviously hosts info along the X-axis (multiple columns per one record). So when I parse my CSV, I get 20 bundles, rather than 20 fields that can be easily mapped to Airtable. This is, of course, expected Make behavior. But is there a way to instead aggregate my bundles, do some Make magic, and then turn each bundle into a mappable field instead?

I know the simplest solution would be to switch the X/Y axis in the CSV file, but it’s a client document used for multiple purposes, and they’re reluctant to change it. Currently, I have a somewhat hacky workaround (populating 20 Airtable rows, using an Airtable automation to pull all 20 rows into the appropriate record, and then using a script to delete those original 20 rows), but if there’s a simpler solution, I’d love to learn it!