Mapping items in Select field

Hi everyone,

I’m sending data to a module with a select field which has the three following options : House, Apartment and Multiple House.

In the previous module, I used a “switch” fonction like this one below , in order to sort those items in one of those 3 categories (House, Apartment and Multiple House :

However, when I map this value in the select field my scenario is not working do you know what might be the reason ?

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Thanks for your help.



The first parameter in your switch() is an array. It will never match a simple string or number value.

If your array only contains 1 value, just add a get() function to return that value… switch(get(1.array;1);144;House…

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This confusion around the arguments to functions is what makes people confused and makes a code tool not no-code.

Always, always read the function expression and understand what each argument to a function expects. As @JimTheMondayMan rightly pointed out the first argument to most expression expect either a value or an array. Some may take a collection but that’s rare. If you pass the wrong structure or data type in don’t expect it to work.