Mapping Notion person property

I’m attempting to map recipient email to notion person property but everything I try to map always returns the error: “[400] Recipients is expected to be people.”

Things I have tried:

  • Mapping the email directly.
  • List users and map the user properties by matching the emails. This includes, name, ID, email.

Hi, instead of using the formula directly in the Notion module, you can try adding a filter between the second and third module. The filter would compare the email from the second module with the email from the first module. So that only the correct email will progress to the last step.

In the last Notion module, you could directly map the ID from the second module.

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Hi Simo, Thank you for your response. I tried doing it the way you said by filtering the email and then directly mapping the ID received to the person field. Unfortunately doing this still gives me the “[400] Recipients is expected to be people.” error. I realised I could bypass this issue by just making an API call as I have done this with users before.

For anyone else having this issue. Here is what I did:

  "object": "page",
  "id": "{map your created database ID}",
  "parent": {
    "type": "database_id",
    "database_id": "{paste your database ID here}"
  "properties": {
    "Recipients": {
      "people": [{
        "object": "user",
        "id": "{{map user id from list users node}}"