Mapping Question for Canvas LMS API

I’m running into an issue with iterating an operation. I’ve looped through the Quiz Report api several times to get to a place where I can get to each quiz for a given course. Now I’m trying to get down to the display name and url for a given file.

You can see in the image it is nested like:

Display Name: Bundle 1 (Collection), Body (Array), x (where x=the place in the array), file (collection), display name (value)

File: Bundle 1 (Collection), Body (Array), x (where x=the place in the array), file (collection), url (value)

I don’t know how to iterate those so I can pass the values to a database. Can you please help?

Thank you,


Actually, i think from this point you are almost there.

to confirm, 1 and 2 are

are each sepearte reports you want (could go 1,2,3,4,5,6) or whatever.

and filename and file url is what you want to grab.

Am I understanding you correctly?

Hi @JonahSharkey,

If you iterate the {{body}} you should get the bundles you need. Then just map the array fields into your database.

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What went wrong is that it wasn’t showing the file collection in my return. What eventually worked was running this module on it’s own, which then allowed the necessary fields to appear. Thank you both for your help!

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