Mapping to a Dropdown List in a board

I am trying to map a number of variables to a dropdown list on a board.
I have an array, which I split out using an iterator:

I then need to take each FAO3_code, English name and Scientific name and map it to a dropdown column in so that it displays like this:

The scenario first checks to see whether the species exists in my species board and if so needs to map the data to the dropdown list.
What is currently happening - is that each time a variable is posted to the column, it is overwriting the previously posted one. What am I doing wrong in my setup?

In the above example, I have defined and mapped a number of labels to see if this works, however I have also tested it with just one label mapped.

The only way that I could find to map to a dropdown list, was to use GraphQL. This resolved my issue.


Hi @Kim3014 :wave:

Awesome work figuring this one out and thanks a lot for sharing your final setup with the community. :clap: This is super valuable and could be incredibly helpful to many others searching for similar information.

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