Mapping to a Select field

Hi all. I have a scenario that is being sent Zoom data via a ScheduleOnce event. ScheduleOnce is a platform similar to Calendly. The meeting ID and the email of the Zoom user is in the data set. I am trying to map the email from the event data to a Zoom module that has a Type:Select field. The item that needs to be selected is the Zoom user’s email. Can Make not map to a select field? Is it a necessary step to manually select the user for the scenario to run? Currently when I map it and run it I get a '1001 User doesn’t exist

Hey @0_Percent

So select field items have a visible data (the user email you see) and a hidden ID associated it (click on the Map toggle after selecting a user, it will display the hidden id). That means, you need to do get the user ID in a previous module. You probably need to do a Zoom API call to get the user ID by email address lookup as integromat doesn’t have built-in zoom user finder action.



For a cool zoom scenario have a look at Video Genius Archiving System (VeGAS) - NewPath Consulting

You may save yourself a lot of effort if you want to archive recordings from zoom.