Merging Returned bundles into one

Hi, Thank you for the help.
I’m currently working with Google Sheets and I’ve encountered a problem when trying to merge multiple returned values into one. Here’s the situation:

Let’s say that I have google sheets like this.

I’ve set up a module to search for rows that contain the word “Hello”.

In order to aggregate the returned results, I’ve configured an array aggregator like this:

The goal is to add a new row to the sheet that contains all the returned values combined:

However, instead of getting a combined result like “Hello Hello”, I’m only getting one instance of “Hello”.

Uploading: image.png…

Could someone help me understand what I’m missing here? Is there a setting or configuration that I’ve overlooked? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you show me the output of the gsheet:search row module?

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Hi yes I will get a screenshot!
It might take around 15min sorry

Hi, the output of the gsheet:search row is this one!

sorry for the late response.
In this case you can use a Text aggregator instead of the array aggregator to get the required output.

Ahh, I didn’t know about this!
Thank you very much that solved my issues :grinning:

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You are welcome.
I am glad to hear that my solution helped you.