Microsoft SQL Server / Module initialization failed with an error / Failed to connect to [My IP Address]:1433 in 15000ms

I was using a scenario with Microsoft SQL Server without any problems but after moving it to another organization I started getting “Module initialization failed with an error” when starting the scenario. Right now it works 50/50 - half of the executions work and the other half don’t.

I’ve recreated the connection using the same credentials and the connection is fine but from time to time I get this error which didn’t ever happen when the scenario was running in the previous organization.

The SQL Server is behind a firewall, so at first, I thought that maybe the list of Make IP addresses is different but both organizations are in the same region (EU), so as I understand they should present themself with the same allowed IP address list.

The SQL queries are irrelevant. When the scenario manages to initialize then the queries work fine. The only problem is that the scenario doesn’t initialize every time.

Hi surmacki,

It is a timeout problem during connection (after 56.7 s…).
Could you send the corresponding Advanced log?
It is not exactly the same problem, but have you checked this point?



Here is the advanced log. I don’t know if I can download it and post it here but maybe this screenshot will do the job. I know this is a timeout problem but I think the timeout is the final result and the root of the problem is something else. As I mentioned - It works 50/50 right now but when the scenario was in a previous organization it was working 100% without any problems. The problems started when I moved the scenario to the new organization.

Is it an “heavy” workload?
When you moved to the new organization, did you reauthorize all the connections?


Yes. I’ve reauthorised all the connections. It’s not a heavy workload.

Did you ever figure out what was causing the error. I’m getting it now 90% of the time. The stored procedure I’m calling is a long running heavy duty one. Connection timeouts in SQL server are controlled by the CLIENT. In this case MAKE.COM. I have scoured all the information I can find NO WAY whatsoever to change the default 15 second timeout set by the SQL Server - Execute Stored Procedure module in MAKE.COM. 15 seconds is way too short. This module needs an advanced parameter that allows the timeout to be set to a much larger value. This is killing me

Hi David, in my case the server firewall setting was a problem. When firewall admin was whitelisting the Make IP he made a typo in one of the IP addresses.