Migrate a project from asana to trello

I´m trying to integrate with trello and find out ways to give our external clients more access to our project workspace.

We have a project created in asana and we want to share it to trello, all the information we have in asana can be sent to trello and after that sync it, so that automatically each action done in asana is replicated in trello and vice versa

Is there a way to send my current asana information to trello using Make, if possible how would it be done?

Hi Edgar,

I don’t see the actual question? :grin:

Hi Loic! I forgot, I already added it, thanks

How would it be done? With a scenario reading data from one system and picking which data you wish to copy and send it to the other. Why don’t you start by reading data with the asana app and take it a step at a time. We can help you wish specific questions then.