Missing API Attributes in QuickBooks Online Create a Sales Receipt Module

There seems to be missing attributes in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) Create a Sales Receipt Module.

2 out of 4 attributes are missing:

  • TxnTaxDetail.TotalTax—the new total tax amount → Present
  • TxnTaxDetail.TaxLine.TaxLineDetail.TaxRateRef—the tax rate that is overridden. You must send all TaxRateRefs of a TaxCode even if you are modifying just one of them. → Missing
  • TxnTaxDetail.TaxLine.Amount—The amount of tax contributed by the tax rate. → Present
  • TxnTaxDetail.TaxLine.TaxLineDetail.TaxPercent—The new tax percent to use. → Missing

All 4 are required to be passed through in order to override the sales tax and stop QuickBooks Online automatically calculating tax.

Anyone have a solution for when Modules have missing attributes? I’ve run the Module multiple times, but it doesn’t expose any further attributes.

Have created a Support Ticket/Improvement Idea

There is only one way to do that: use make api call module instead and call the endpoint with a custom json payload that has all the keys and values you need.

And log it as a request in ideas exchange to update the underlying module.


Thanks Alex. I came to the same conclusion and will explore that option now. I’ve logged a request to expand the QuickBooks module as well. :blush:

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