Shopify Order > Quickbooks Sales Receipt - Tax missing

I want to have my Shopify orders to be automatically in Quickbooks. That would save me so much time.

So I took the template from Make. Everything seems to work well, getting the order lines iterated and array aggregated. But in the last Quickbooks module it goes wrong.

The Quickbooks module gives an error.

"ValidationFault: A business validation error has occurred while processing your request (Business Validation Error: Make sure all your transactions have a sales tax rate before you save.)

Quickbooks sales receipt lines need to be filled with a sales tax (code), otherwise it can’t be saved. But this sales rate doesn’t come from Shopify. It is just a code existent in Quickbooks.

What can I do?

I tried to just type in the code in the field myself but that doesn’t work. :sweat_smile:

You should be able to add there the tax code ref. ID number. I would suggest contacting QuickBooks support with a question about which ID can be used for this field.