Trying to pass Stripe Payment Tax amount to QuickBooks Sales Receipt

I wonder if someone could help me?


I’m trying to connect Stripe with QuickBooks Online (QBO) to pass payments through and create a Sales Receipt for reconciliation.

I’ve managed to get everything working, except handling Tax.

Stripe is currently collecting the tax on payments (Charges, Invoices, Subscriptions etc).

I’m stuck with Charges that don’t create an Invoice.


Has anyone managed to successfully handle Tax amounts from Stripe Charges in QuickBooks Online? If so, what was your solution?

What I’ve Done So Far

  1. I’m using the Stripe Watch Event module to look for successful Charges
  2. For Invoices, I can use the total_tax_amounts field from the Retrieve an Invoice module to populate the applied tax
  3. Checked the Stripe Payment Intent object → Doesn’t expose tax amounts
  4. Checked the Stripe Balance Transactions → Doesn’t expose tax amounts

I’m open to either:

  1. QuickBooks calculating the tax on a payment or
  2. Passing the Total Tax Amount from Stripe to QuickBooks (preferable)

If QB were to handle the tax calc, it leaves the possibility for reconciliation errors between QB and the Stripe payout amount received in the Bank, which is not preferable.

Any guidance would be fantastic! :grin:


I’ve spoken with Stripe Dev Support and established the solution.

To get the Tax Amount on a Stripe transaction you’ll find it in:

  1. PaymentLinks

PaymentLinks are powered by Checkout Sessions → Can listen for checkout.session.completed → “total_details”: {"amount_tax”} for tax applied to PaymentLinks

Link Charge.Succeeded | Payment Intent ID → checkout.session.completed

  1. Invoices/Subscriptions

Invoices & Subscription payments generate an Invoice object which can be listened to.

Link Charge.Succeeded | Invoice ID → invoice.paid or invoice.payment_succeeded

  1. PaymentIntent Only (i.e. From connected Apps where no Invoice or Checkout Session is created)

Need to either calculate the tax on the payment amount yourself, or have the integration (App you’re using) handle the tax and hope it pulls through in the PaymentIntent Metadata.

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Heya @E11iott welcome to the community!

First of all, let me say thank you for asking your question in a such structured manner. The context, steps taken, and screenshots make it easier for the community understand your challenge and come up with answers.

Second of all, thanks so much for stepping back into the community with the solution you got from the Stripe support. We 100% appreciate that :pray:

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More than welcome. I hope it helps someone else with Stripe, Tax & QuickBooks, since info is pretty scarce for this scenario. :blush:

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