Apply payment to Quickbooks when Stripe payment is received

The video provides a detailed tutorial on how to automatically update an invoice record and apply a payment in accounting software after a payment is made through a Stripe payment link. Here are the key points summarized:

  • Introduction:
  • Requirements:
    • Access to Stripe account and (formerly Integromat) account.
    • The process involves SmartSuite for managing invoices and QuickBooks for accounting.
  • Process Overview:
    • Utilizing a webhook from Stripe to trigger actions after a payment is completed.
    • Updating the invoice status in SmartSuite and accounting for the payment in QuickBooks.
    • Adding a processing fee to the invoice if applicable.
  • Steps Detailed:
    1. Setup Webhook in Stripe: Triggered when a payment is completed, sending data to
    2. Retrieve Invoice Data: Use to fetch the related invoice record from SmartSuite using the Stripe payment link ID.
    3. Update QuickBooks Invoice: Get the invoice by ID, add a line item for the processing fee, and create a payment reflecting the Stripe transaction.
    4. Mark Invoice as Paid: In SmartSuite, update the invoice status to “Paid” once the payment process is complete.
    5. Deactivate Stripe Payment Link: Once the payment is processed, deactivate the Stripe payment link to prevent further use.

blueprint - receive stripe payments.json (90.9 KB)