Help wanted: Stripe to Pipedrive connection for client payments received updates


I want to create a scenario wherein any client payment received in Stripe is automatically reflected in Pipedrive for the client deal so that the Sales manager is aware that the client payment has been done.

What I am looking for is as below:

  1. Sales Manager send link to Client to make payment for a service
  2. Client logs in to Strip client portal and makes the payment
  3. Details of the payment done and the invoice are pushed from Stripe to Pipedrive for the respective client deal (unique identifier is client email address in both Stripe and Pipedrive)
  4. Sales Manager can see the payment amount received and the invoice in Pipedrive for the respective client deals and proceed with next steps.

Make has an option to send payment and invoice details for individual deals via a single scenario. This is a no go. Would like to have an option wherein all the payments done in stripe are reflected correctly in Pipedrive deals automatically for all clients to avoid creating multiple scenarios. (eg. 10 clients payments in stripe updated in Pipedrive in a single scenario)

Would like to know if this is feasible. Ok with creating scenarios/webbooks etc. for this

Bookkeypr Team

For instant events between Stripe and Pipedrive you can setup a webhook. Whenever a payment intent is successfull in Stripe it will instantly trigger the scenario (for any kind of client) and you can search for the email in Pipedrive.

All current payment intents you have in Stripe right now can be searched inside another scenario using the “List payment Intents”. Once you have checked all the current payments and sent the info to Pipedrive you don’t have to do this again.

So yes, this is possible with only 1-2 scenarios!
P.S. do not setup your scenario like you see above, with the “List payments” behind the Stripe webhook. This is just for the purpose of creating this post.

Hope this helps you.

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