How to update deals' stage automatically on Pipedrive, when the lead has paid on Stripe


I want to create a scenario in Make where any payment received in Stripe is sent to Pipedrive to update the stage of the deal on the pipeline.

Here are the steps:

  1. An individual fills out a form on our website with information such as email, phone number, etc.
  2. The answers are automatically reported in Pipedrive.
  3. When the lead pays through Stripe, we ask for their email address.

The objective is to have the Stripe trigger activate when a payment is made on Stripe. Then, we want to automatically select a deal from Pipedrive that matches the email from Stripe and update the deal (on Pipedrive) to move it further along the pipeline.

The trigger is not the problem. The real problem is to be able to select and update the deal using the email that we get from the Stripe payment.


Hello Alexis, how are you? Greetings from Brazil!
I think I might have the answer.
What you need is a “search item” module, and configure it to look for the email of the person. But, this module will bring the person ID with that email. After that, you need to search all the deals associated for that person. And, finally, you can update it as you wish. Just follow my screenshots bellow and you should be fine:

First, look for the email in the base using the module below, puting the variable that brings the email in the marked field:

Use the search for deals API endpoint (as make does not have this module) using your credencials (the creation of these are really simple, just follow the steps)

You need to put a safe guard so, if by any reason, it doesn’t finds any person with that email on your base, it doesn’t locks your scenario. So just create a filter as follows:

You’ll need and Iterator, because the API Call module brings the data in a array, and it might brings more than 1 deal too, so, just do as follows:

Finally, you can update the deal that returns from the api call module as you wish

After this is set up, just move the clock thing from to the module that you are gonna bring the email variable. If it is a webhook, change it to Run scenario: immediately.

Really wishing this works for you.

Best regards,
Tobias Baco

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Thank you for your help Tobias. I finally found a way to make it work in a different way, so I share with you the scenario I created.

However, I encountered another issue. On the first scenario, we assume that the person is already included in a deal however I would like if the above condition isn’t fulfilled to create a deal so I modified the scenario and got the following result.

The problem being that it creates multiple times a deal for the same person, so I end up with a lot of the “same” deal which is obviously not what I want and I have no clue why it does that.

If you have any idea, don’t hesitate to share it; I would be glad to hear a solution.

Best regards,

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It is the “List Deals in a Pipeline” module that is causing multiple deals to be created.
You need to put a filter on that module to bring only one deal connected to the email.

The best option is actually to use the “Search for Items” module to search for particular.


Yeah, that’s why I used the search item module, to simplify.
Hope this solutions make out for you @Alexis1!
Have a nice day.