Issues with Pipedrive's Module 'Watch deals'

Hi Everyone!

I’m working in an scenario that is trigged when I have won deals on Pipedrive. I have a filter in Pipedrive that get today’s wons deal.

The problem that I’m having is the filter is triggering the flow 3 times, for every won deal in Pipedrive. That wouldn’t be a problem if at the end of the flow I wouldn’t sending e-mails for my contact on Pipedrive’s deal, but I have to send these e-mails.

So, there’s any way to only trigger this scenario just once for every won deal?

Here are some screenshots to show the triggers:

And here the history of 3 executions of the same trigger

If you need any other information, please let me know.

Thank you!

So, as far as I undestood your problem is: everytime your scenario runs, it brings all wons for the day, and there’s no way the scenario to know that the deal already has been “broght” to you. So, what I think you need to to is, every execution, you should fill a field on the deal so the filter don’t brings it as a result.
Just a suggestion: why don’t you set a webhook to watch deals, as a webhook, so every time a “WON” is given on your deal, it does the programmed flow? It’s faster and simpler.


Add this filter to your Watch Deals module.


I’ll think about that, changing some field that my filter won’t get the same deal.
I think a webhook that get only the won deals isn’t enought, since my scenario need another filled fields to run properly.
Thank you!

My filter already get the won deals and if I use this filter in Pipedrive, it shows me more than 1,000 deals, my fear is this filter get all of these won deals into the scenario, or it will only run for the new won deals?

Right click on the module and select choose where to start. Then select From Now on or Choose manually

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Okay, I’ll try that! Thank you!