Why does my scenario generate multiple times the same deal on my pipeline Pipedrive?


I am trying to create a scenario to connect Stripe with Pipedrive; I already created the first part of the scenario.

I will explain what the scenario does. When I receive a payment on Stripe, the scenario starts, it moves the deal corresponding to the Stripe customer thanks to an email matching.

The issue is the following: in the first part of the scenario, we assume that the person is already included in a deal however I would like if the above condition isn’t fulfilled to create a deal so I modified the scenario and got the following result.

The problem being that it creates multiple times a deal for the same person, so I end up with a lot of the “same” deal which is obviously not what I want and I have no clue why it does that.

If you have any idea, don’t hesitate to share it; I would be glad to hear a solution.

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Hi Alexis. Is this Topic a duplicate of your other one: How to update deals' stage automatically on Pipedrive, when the lead has paid on Stripe ?

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Hi David. This topic is kind of the next step/issue to my first topic: How to update deals’ stage automatically on Pipedrive, when the lead has paid on Stripe

I think I found a solution since, at least it seems to work :smile:

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Heya @Alexis1 :wave:

Awesome to hear that you managed to find a solution to this! Would you mind sharing a short summary of what did the trick for you? Thanks to that, other folks in the community can then learn from what you discovered. :nerd_face:

Thanks a lot :raised_hands: