How to trigger a webhook automatically when requirements are met?

Hey guys! Very new to Webhooks and can’t wrap my head around it.

I need for a webhook to get triggered only when a deal in Pipedrive meets a certain stage. So the workflow is “Deal is in Stage A > trigger > all the next steps”. I tried to set up a webhook (successfully) and created a new webhook for “Deal Updated” in Pipedrive. The only problem is that if I turn the scenario on, it triggers a million times a second! If I use the “Run once” and use the URL - everything is fine. I can’t figure it out!

TL;DR I want the scenario to only trigger when a deal in Pipedrive gets in a certain stage of the pipeline, but the webhooks are not working the way I want and I don’t know what to do

Hello @Valeriya_Ensenat,
After your first Pipedrive module (the one that triggers the Scenario), you can add some filters to be sure the Scenario continues only after the event that triggered the event meets your criteria.

As an alternative, if there’s a way to set it up in Pipedrive directly, you could set up a Webhook to kick off your scenario with a Webhook module instead. I don’t know Pipedrive, so I am not quite what it is capable of there.