Trigger your scenarios from Pipedrive with a button click!

Hi All,

All of you who work with Pipedrive are probably familiar with some difficulties and limitations on how you can trigger your scenarios from you deal, organization or person. As we know currently the options are either through webhooks, filters etc. which is often inefficient or you may receive multiple hooks for the same event.

At the same time it may be very confusing for a user to understand if a scenario did / should have triggered, as they have no visibility on the rules you have set up in your scenario.

For this reason we have developed a free Pipedrive add-on which allows you to create custom buttons on any Pipedrive deal, person or organization. You can then listen on the button clicks in your scenario though a webhook. The add-on can be found in the Pipedrive marketplace: Pipedrive Marketplace - Third Party Apps & Integrations

There’s also an example in our help documents how to set things up: OneClick & | Zimple Solutions Help Center

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Vellu /


Hi @vellu ,
Thanks for sharing !
Happy tester for few days.
Currently implementing some stuffs underneath.

Great to hear! We’re releasing new features within a week, stay tuned :slight_smile: