Missing Jira customfields to be used in JSON Aggregator


I am running " Get an issue" via the Jira Cloud Platform. I am trying to use the output of this action in a JSON Aggregation. But unfortunately I am not able to use all the out Jira output, I am missing certain custom fields. The majority of the fields (standard and custom) can be used in the JSON Aggregator.

I can see that the Jira Cloud Platform connection is actually returning all the custom fields via the logging (output Bundle). It looks like the available elements is limited, because when I remove one custom field in Jira, I see I get an extra custom field in the list of usable custom field values.

Hello, just to confirm, you’re saying you’re getting only some custom fields, but not all? And when you delete a field that forces the module to get an additional Custom Field that it didn’t get previously?

When I tried Get an Issue in my instance, I get back like 22 custom fields, looks like all of them!


Hi Donald,

Yes, I can confirm that I only get some custom fields and I indeed get “new” custom field visible in the list when I delete one of the 50 that is shown. Below a little extra explanation.

In the return output (bundle) I get the custom fields related to the specific issue I am retrieving info of which is a total of: 24 custom fields
In the to be used fields for the data aggregation I get a superset of the 24 with a total of 50. In this list of 50 I also get custom fields from other issue types/projects. And in total we have more than 50 custom fields in the Jira environment. This list of the be selected variables is alphabetized and stops at the “I”. We have above 100 custom fields in our Jira environment.

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One thought I have here is replicating the API call elsewhere, like in Postman.
If you get the same results there, then this is a Jira API issue.
Learn how to fix it via API then switch to a Jira Make an API Call module in Make.


Hi Donald,

When I use Postman or the browser with the same rest api URL, I do get all the custom fields. Since I wanted some more control of the returned fields, I changed the Get an Issue to a general request in which I define my own call so I also control what information I do and do not get returned.

Get an Issue is as far as I see for sure limited in the output, since as mentioned earlier, I don’t get all the custom fields. However, the workaround is even better since I use less data since I control the output of the relevant fields I need.


Good to hear you found a solution, and a more favorable one at that!

I don’t think it is a Jira issue. Jira returns all the information when I do simple rest api call (as far as I can see without pagination), also into Make.com (as I can see in the bundle output in Make which also shows values of custom fields) but Make.com doesn’t provide all the information in the list of variables.