Monday API key Expired - No option to put in new Key!

We have a department who had MAKE->Monday connection. The connection uses the API key a person - they are leaving, and their API key has been regenerated. Going in to Make I want to update the connection to a new API key for different account, but there is no option to Edit/replace the API key, there is only a VERIFY button that fails!!!

Does anyone know a way to update the API key?

My workaround is to create a new connection, which I have done, but I have to go to all the scenarios and modify every Monday element to the new connection, and when Im doing this most of the fields are resetting rather than remembering the content !!!

Other connections have the EDIT option, it just seems the Monday ones dont !!!

Any help much appreciate.


Hi @Matthew_Haigh

I suggest you can use Make migration tool to replace the monday API key. You can migrate the scenarios to a new Make account, then migrate that back to your current account.

When you use the migration tool, you can simply choose “Manually Migrate”, then you can select the API key from the dropdown to replace the old API

Hope it helps :smiley: