Monday Change Group Color

Just starting out with Make to get Monday to do what I want it to do.

I have created a successful scenario whereby the webhook pulls the proper data and the module “Create a group” takes the pulse ID and makes a group in another board with it. Yay. I am now trying to assign what color that group should be. The webhook shows the group color, however, the group isnt made that color. The color is being randomly assigned. When I go into the create board module, i see no way to assign the group color. I tried adding a tool in between the trigger and the module to assign the color, but that didn’t work either. I appreciate your assistance to this newbie.

Hi @GuybrushThreepwood,

I don’t think it is possible to update the group color via API thus it is not available in Make as well.

You can check this Community post.

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You can update the color, but you need to do it using the graph query:

Example - this goes in the Monday Graph query:

mutation {
update_group (board_id: 1234567890, group_id: “test group id”, group_attribute: color,
new_value: “Black”) {