Webhook Integration Impossible

I recently upgraded to Make from Integromat. My business relies heavily on this platform and the integration with Since upgrading I have not been able to integrate with using Make webhooks. I have raised this issue with Maker, who then referred me to Monday, who in turn, referred my back to Make stating that Make is aware of this issue. It has something to do with a challenge not being sent back to Monday when adding the webhook to an automation.

I have not yet had a response and my business is stalling as a result. Has anyone else had this issue and are there any updates in terms of how ling this is going to take to resolve? It worked perfectly with Integromat.

Hi, create new webhooks using the “watch” module in Make.


Thanks very much. Looks like it is working. Lifesaver.,


Hi @loic.wiseflow how do you create new webhooks using the “watch” module?


@loic.wiseflow is referring to the monday specific webhook module “Watch Events”. You can find it at the very bottom of the monday modules:

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Thanks @JimTheMondayMan ! Found it

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Hey all,

I worked with makesense on the webhook issue and Make provided a workaround for establishing the webhook integration. I’m sure many folks have already discovered this, but figured I’d post here as an additional workaround to Jim’s other workaround.

If you provide a custom response and passthrough JSON as text then the webhook connection will be accepted by Here is the support response kindly provided by @makesense

To set up Monday custom webhooks in Make, please follow the workaround described below.

  1. Create a scenario and add the two following modules.
  1. Configure the Webhook response module according to the screenshot below
  • The “value” can be mapped into the Body field by typing in the following text. {{1.value}}

  1. Open the Custom webhook module and add a webhook with the following settings (you need to expand the “advanced settings” option).

  2. Once you hit Save, the webhook will automatically start “determining data structure”, which means you should see the red “Stop” button as shown below.

  3. At this moment, please click on “Copy address to clipboard” but keep the webhook listening (= don’t click on the “Stop” button).

  4. Open a new tab in your browser, insert the copied URL, and press Enter. Message “Accepted” should show up.

  5. Go back to the scenario. You should see that the loading “Stop” red button has turned into a green message that says “Successfully determined”.

  6. Save the scenario.

  7. Make sure the scenario is activated (the switch button under “Run once” in the bottom left corner of the scenario builder is showing “ON”).

  8. Click on the “Run once” button for the scenario to start listening.

  9. The URL of the webhook should still be in your clipboard. Please insert it to Monday.

  1. In Monday, click on “Connect”. You should get the following successful message (or a similar one, depending on what you chose as an action).

Hopefully make fixes the workaround above…