Move a lead from Snov to Kartra

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Make. What I want to do is when a lead completes a campaign in Snov, move them to a list in Kartra.

I am able to do this in Zapier, so I know it’s possible, but for a number of reasons I would prefer Make, if I’m able to make it work.

I have managed to integrate both my Snov and Kartra accounts in Make without any problem. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten as the terminology is bit different than what I’m used to. If someone could offer a simple outline to get started, I’d greatly appreciate it.

@JPW Which trigger were you usin on zapier??

If you can share the screenshot or triggers and action names using in zapier then i can outline make module for you here. I have created many such automation

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May peace be upon you @JPW ,

Can you please provide details on the trigger which tracks the completion of the campaign ?

and for starter I think you can get started with the Watch Email Module in Snov and the add to list

Let me know if you need any more details


In Zapier, the Trigger is “When a lead completes a campaign in Snov”

I don’t see anything like that in Make.

The trigger in Zapier is “When a lead completes a campaign”, but as mentioned, I don’t see anything like that.

Thanks, and may peace be with you, too.

Hello @JPW,
If Make doesn’t have the module you’re looking for, it might be time to create a webhook on the Snov side, and begin your Make Scenario with a Webhook. When you add a webhook to your scenario, it will give you the address you can use when setting up the event subscription in Snov. Here is Snov’s documentation on setting up outgoing webhooks / event subscriptions:


I see there is a trigger for Campaign email opened - if I can specify the specific email, then would this work?

Could that be changed to ‘opened email’ to a specific email?

@JPW I think this would a better option for your use case and as for the email I don’t think you would be able to setup a dynamic email for the starting trigger.


When I ‘Run Once’, I get:

  • 14:54 Preparing scenario for running.
  • 14:54 Requesting execution.
  • 14:54 The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.
  • 14:54 The scenario was initialized.
  • 14:54 The scenario was finalized.
  • 14:54 The scenario run was completed.