Scan new contact entries for duplicates in the CRM system and merge or filter them

Hi guys,

Looking for a solution for the following scenario:

  • I work with Teamleader CRM, our CRM system
  • I want a scenario in Make that starts with the trigger that a new contact is added in Teamleader
  • The trigger is followed up by making Make search for any contacts in the CRM for duplicates, based on email-address.
  • Then a router decides either a contact gets updated or not. If there is no double contact, nothing happens, because then it’s been added as a new contact already (by zapier).
  • The new contacts that enter Teamleader are coming from multiple forms with multiple tags and custom messages, and are sent to Teamleader through Zapier. When they are sent to Teamleader, the messages and tags are already being inserted in the right fields in Teamleader.
  1. How do I make this scenario?
  2. How do I make sure that tags and messages don’t get lost?
  3. If Make recognises a duplicate, will it delete the last incoming contact? Because Zapier sends a new contact already, regardless of duplicates, I feel like our CRM system is still left behind with duplicates, but the original (first) entry of that contact is just being updated with the information of the latest entry.
  4. Which trigger do I use? When I let AI build it, it uses ‘Watch contacts updated’. When I look in the triggers, the ‘Watch contacts’ sounds like the right one. But with the ‘Watch contacts updated’ I actually get all the contact information/fields. With ‘Watch contacts’ I don’t seem to get the contact information/fields.

Unfortunately Teamleader has very limited options with Zapier which is why I am here to seek solution with Make. If you would strongly advice to move all the automations to Make, then please tell me. It’s a lot of work again, but then the whole problem with all the limitations might be solved for good.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Rob Huttinga

Hi @Rob,

Allow me to help you, as Level 5 certified Make partner and certified Teamleader partner.

It is true that Zapier is very limited in the options with Teamleader Focus, don’t expect any new features there… Although that is not a problem, Teamleader Focus and Make is a suberb combination. I’ve built scenarios to check for duplicates in Teamleader in the past.

You are in good hands for all your questions regarding Make/Teamleader, contact us if you like to discuss the options of building a solution, migrating from Zapier to Make or consultation:

Kind regards,
Level 5 certified Make Expert & Partner