365 people how dies watch new contact trigger work?


I’m trying to pull in new contact information from Microsoft 365 people but not sure how the watch trigger works.

Module is called “Watched Contacts” trigger,acid

In theory when a new contact is added it should trigger, but it seems to pull all existing ones.

Also I cannot get it to work like an instant trigger.

What I’m trying to achieve is to use the Microsoft lens app, scan a business card, then when I save the contact I choose my office 365 account (this works thus far), this saves the contact in my people directory and I can see them in outlook, in my phone etc, then I wish to pull this info into Make so I can use it in my project to add to my crm and mailing list.


Hi @Mit,

I was little bit scared when I saw the title :sweat_smile:.

Joke aside, The trigger module in Make primarily has two types, INSTANT, and ACID. Instant means that whenever there is a new event it will immediately pick the Contacts and Watch will pick any new data that has been added/updated(based on the Module) during the scenario scheduling time, i.e if you are running it every 15 minutes, in theory, and if it is working correctly it should pick up the data that was created in between last run and the current run. You can find more regarding this here and here.

Regarding the contact you are getting old, try right-clicking the Watch Trigger and then Choose When to Start and Select From now on and see that fixes the issue you are getting.

haha yeah that was a typo. Thanks for reply, thats what I thought and read through the help files, but just doesnt make sense.

See attached image. When I click run, it runs once and then stops. It pulls in a random contact. Instead of just waiting for a new/updated contact and then running.

It’s currently set to run on demand. I cannot choose instant for example.
The trigger icon is also the arrow and not the lighting bolt.

Any ideas?

Not sure, if it makes the side of the issue, maybe reaching out to the Support team will give you better insight into this issue. I saw various issues raised in the community concerning other apps facing issues with Watch Events.

For your current context though, I am not sure to Run on Demand fits your requirement as it needs to be either triggered through Make API from your other scenarios or through external apps or needs to be run manually, which I believe is something that you are not trying to do.

So, the only option you have is to run the schedule. To check if correct data is being received though is it change the module settings to scheduled and right-click the Watch Module and Choose when to start. In there you can check All and see if you have any recent data over there and if it is then select from now on which should then receive newest data in order once the scenario is activated.

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correct, I would change this to schedule as a last resort, but this is where I got confused as it says its instant but doesn’t give me the option.

I guess support might be the best option in this case.

Thanks for your help.

Not sure if we are looking at the same app, but MS365 People app in Make only have Watch People Module which is an ACID and will only be triggered every X minutes as specified in Scenario Schedule.

Screenshot from 2023-04-11 17-23-01

Do let me know if you think otherwise. It is not possible to use INSTANT trigger for this module.

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Yep thats the app.

This is on there website:

and this in the module option, hence why I thought it should be instant and get new contacts created not existing. mmm… :face_with_monocle:

Have I miss understood the “Trigger” wording?

The document is right though, it is stating that it is of Type Trigger and can be polled thus the ACID. Albeit rather confusing .

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oh ok. But then why does it show old data and not just new contacts created?