MS graph / outlook calendar integration

Hello there, and thank you in advance for your reply.

Here’s the situation: I have a scenario where I want to link a Bubble app with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, which I think should be relatively easy.

One side is straightforward: I can perform CRUD operations on the calendar when a thing is created or updated on my Bubble app, and it works fine.

However, the other side is causing me a lot of headaches. I have a calendar named “,” which has access to approximately 30 users. If I use the “watch events” module, there is a limitation where I can only retrieve 2 or 3 users. So, I decided to use MS Graph, create an app, and utilize notifications. The problem arises when setting this up. I need to have a webhook (which is okay), create a subscription with an HTTP module (also okay), launch the HTTP module, and obtain an access token. But here’s where the issue lies: it seems that I am unable to send an HTTP status 200 response code.

I found a good example of the process done with “Tines” here: link to the Tines blog

If anyone is willing to help, either by making the “watch events” functionality work (so I can retrieve all calendars) or by assisting with the MS Graph setup and configuration, I am ready to pay for consulting on this matter.

Thank you very much!

When you say

could you explain a little more?

Have you tried setting the Limit value in the module panel to something higher?


@DavidGurr_Make Hello and thank you fro your reply.
In fact, when im trying to load my calendars, i have only 3 “others calendars loaded” which is not what i want since i want to get all my employees calendars (+/- 30)
When i connect on the outlook online and when i set up my outlook app, i have all the calendars. I have already given CRUD permisssions to the main adress i use (contact@XXXX) but still not working. The problem is not a limit of output (i tried to turn this limit to 40) but to gather the right calendar ;(. See attached
let me know if you have some idea

Ah I see. That does seem strange!

Could you open a ticket and log that with our support team?

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Ok im going to do it thanks

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