Shared Outlook Team calendar for ClickUp integration

Hello all,

I currently have a working scenario that retrieves all the new calendar events from Microsoft Outlook Calendar and translates them into ClickUp tasks in a space. I’m now looking to do the same but for the whole team at once. Right now each team member would have to setup the scenario itself and this is a bit of a hassle. I would love to hear if the following is possible:

Have 1 scenario that retrieves all the team members meetings and add them to a ClickUp space, which the team uses.

So far I have tried to achieve this by using a Shared calendar or Group calendar. However these remain empty as it didn’t record all the existing meetings of the members. In order to do this I might have to delve deeper into Outlook calendar creation - so that’s beyond this scope. I was curious if anyone here might have ideas if there are other ways to achieve my goal.

Lastly, I will be the one managing the Make scenario, so it won’t be a problem if I would have to manually select each member’s calendar (if this is an option).

Thank you so much in advance!