Setting up 365 email Connection for team members

I have set up a 365 email to Airtable scenario, and it works thanks to @CodexSolutions. I have currently set it up on my own business email. However, I am now wondering what the best way is to roll it out to the rest of the company. We are only 5 users in the office, so not a bid deal for me to set it up for them individually, but I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to automate this for each user?

Any support would be most appreciated. Thank you

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If you don’t want it for each user a specific scenario
Then I will suggest to use a mail webhook module,
And setup a filter in your outlook account to forward email everytime when new mail comes to Inbox label, and same do it fot all 5 accounts and then you can setup one single scenario for all 5.


Unfortunately, I want each user to have the freedom to choose the emails they want to “send up”; by categorising the email as “airtable” which will trigger the scenario, so the filter wouldn’t work. However, I could set up a webhook for that scenario. My question is though, how do I activate that for each member without them having to set up a Make account and activate the scenario on that individual account?

Oh that’s easy
Just duplicate the scenario and add new connection for each member. You can add multiple email accounts connection in same account on make.

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That, again, is so obvious :slight_smile: Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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