Error in Outlook integration with Airtable


I need help with my Outlook to Airtable scenario.

Goal: To move specific messages from Outlook into Airtable.

Why: To manage tasks coming through email to be recorded, organized & executed in Airtable.

Achievements: Outlook connected, Airtable connected, Outlook and Airtable connected.

Problem: When I run the setup, Outlook is displaying this message in Step 6:

1* 10:21 AM: The scenario was successfully loaded.
2* 10:21 AM: Preparing scenario for running.
3* 10:21 AM: Requesting execution.
4* 10:21 AM: The request was accepted. Waiting for the server.
5* 10:21 AM: The scenario was initialized.
6* 10:21 AM: **The operation failed with an error. [404] The specified object was not found in the store., The process failed to get the correct properties.**
7* 10:21 AM: The scenario was finalized.

What does that error mean and how can I solve it?

Thank you so much in advance.

Update: I deleted the Outlook setup and set it up again. I deleted the old values from Airtable because it was trying to find the old values. So, I mapped again the values here also. But I am getting this error in Airtable and no errors in Outlook:

Update 2: I turned off a mapping setup in Airtable, and that fixed the error on Airtable. But now, the old Outlook error has returned :frowning:

Is it a shared mailbox?


Nice to meet you.

It’s a company email id and my inbox isn’t shared with anyone else. Is this what you are asking about?